Another release of a gorgeous Brahms quartets with great musicians!

Tchaikovsky 2nd Piano Concerto and Concert Fantasy
NZSO and Michael Stern

2016, July 30 - August 6 | Welcome to the Summer academy «Veraõ Classico» in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lisbon!
If you are interested to apply, follow this link.

2016, June 30 - July 7 | I am returning to the fabulous festival in Utrecht «Janine Jansen and friends» see more

2015, March 13-21 | Concert tour in Holland performing Rachmaninov-Paganini Variations with Nikolaj Alexeev!

2015, February 20 | I am returning to Valencia performing Saint-Saens 5th Piano concerto, «The Egyptian» with Antoni Ros-Marba and Orquesta Cuidad de Valencia.

2014, November 6-16 | My debut with NZSO in NewZealand!

2014, June 12 | What a great pleasure
to conduct and play Beethoven...

2014, April 25 | Chamber music in the Philharmonie!
«Spectrum Concerts»